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Issue 36 Spring 2019
Christmas Work Detail, Samos by Steven Heighton
Man of Salad by Chris Newlove Horton                     
The Sinking of the Belgrano by Michael Sharp           
Body Language by Susan Millar DuMars        
Tomato Sandwiches by Michele Smart           
Strangers by Andrew Szilvasy             
Night by Adam Chiles                         
Magical Thinking by David Briggs                  
Birds of America: Plate 50, Robin by Robert Gibb     
Sestina by Margaret Park Haas
Into Something Stranger: an interview with Helen Oyeyemi                  
Dead Drift by Jude Nutter    
Sweetness by Lauren Mackenzie
Octonaut by David Stavanger     
April Escape by Judith Hoyer             
Forbidden by Sharon Black                            
Automatic Delete Function: an interview with Caoilinn Hughes                       
Sahara by Martin Jago                         
Even Angels Will Fall by Rachel Coventry     
Milk-Chocolate Brown Fox by Mark Lawlor  
Redwood // Pacific by George Neame            
Tomís Wedding by Susan Sanford Blades      
Vesper Sparrow on a Fence Post by Lisa Bickmore      
Sweet Autumn by Laura Potts                         
The Moth Short Story Prize 2019
Featuring artwork by

Cover by Victor Man 










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