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Issue 29 Summer 2017
Sermon in the Kitchen by Wessie du Toit      
Keeps Me Off the Streets: an interview with Colm Tóibín
Babakoto by Jon Davis                                   
The Horses by James Stradner            
Things We Think We Know by Howie Good  
Touched by Kevin Whelan                             
Film Sequence XXXIII by Peggy Aylsworth   
Golden Bricks of Café Bustelo by Cooper Wilhelm                                       
Koan by Lisa Lewis                            
Elk by Dawn Watson                          
More Comfortable by Stephen May    
It Doesn’t Feel like Happiness by Richard W. Halperin                                  
Small by Jessica Mookherjee                          
It Isn’t Only Yours: an interview with Lionel Shriver              
Floating Islands by Stav Poleg             
In the Gardens of End Times by Jody J. Sperling       
Breshenev’s Daughter by Carole Braverman  
Wedding Guest by Susan Kelly-DeWitt                      
Salt by Tom Moore                                         
As Plath by John Newson                              
Block by Tom Mathews                                  
Reunion in the Hotel Bar by Daniel Galvin
Bath by Sharon Black                         
The Moth Poetry Prize 2017                

Cover by Elizabeth Peyton