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Issue 39 Winter 2019
Any Weather by Leeanne Quinn
Running Man, Sailing Boat,
Skull and Crossbones by Ana Soria
Pheasant by Mark Lawlor               
Pretty Shapes by John Wall Barger                          
Ode to the Non-Velveteen Rabbits by Tom Paine
You Are Here: an interview with Simon Armitage                             
Not Said by Aingeala Finn            
Seed by Abegail Morley               
Genealogy by Mark Wynne
The Man Who Wrote the Future by Eamonn Colfer               
in grand canal dock by Alicia Byrne Keane            
Tequila and Orange: an interview with Wendy Erskine                         
Meningitis by Stuart Pickford     
Grief, it’s not what it used to be by Paul Stephenson     
A Small Hotel by Georgina Titmus                          
Severance by Robin Houghton                                
Five to Midnight by Branwell Kent                         
Toymaker by Bruce McRae                         
Creeping Vines / Weeping Willows by Gabriel Smith                         
Belated Apology to my Body by Cheryl Pearson
Single-Celled Organism by Corey Hill    
Moses by Robert Hirschfield
A Door in Your Chest by Polly Buckingham            
Featuring artwork by
Geraldine Swayne, Emerson Schreiner, William Robertson and David Keogan

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