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Issue 34 Autumn 2018
Shadow of the Owl by Matthew Sweeney       
The Moth Short Story Prize winner                 
Was I Born Melancholic or is This Just What Brexit Feels Like?
by Jade Angelese Fitton                                  
Illness on Vacation by Wes Civilz                  
You Will Inherit Nothing: an interview with Kit de Waal                    
The Moth Short Story Prize winner                                          
Odds by Anthony Lawrence                           
Feral Hogs by Kevin Higgins                          
Before Him was the Moon by Tom Pescatore 
Soulcraft by John McCullough                       
Itís Goodbye from Her by Stephanie Braithwaite                               
Today we Brag by Deborah Bacharach                       
Eschatology by Jennie Malboeuf                    
The Hypermarket by Julia Deakin                  
Killybegs by J. T. Ledbetter                            
The Potter by Partridge Boswell                      
Last Night by Robert Leach                            
Blue by V. P. Loggins                          
Sunday, Very Early Morning by Phoebe Walker                                             
The Moth Short Story Prize winner     
The Beauty of the World: an interview with Medbh McGuckian                     
Featuring artwork by