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‘I am very honoured to receive The Moth Art Prize. It feels pretty rare to be acknowledged for what I can paint, rather than what statement I can write. The Moth Art Prize is very much an artist’s art prize.’ Geraldine Swayne (2019 winner) 


The Moth Art Prize is awarded annually by The Moth magazine to a body of figurative or representational artwork. It is open to anyone (over 16) from anywhere in the world. The Prize consists of €1,000 plus a two-week stay at The Moth Retreat in rural Ireland.


‘I’m over the moon about winning The Moth Art Prize. The Moth has always been brilliantly curated, with exquisite artwork and thoughtful writing throughout. And a couple of weeks in the countryside is exactly what my artist soul needs.’ Gregory Mortenson

‘I am so grateful to the folks at The Moth for awarding me this prize. I think getting out of New York for a bit will be healthy. It will be an amazing and much-needed time to regroup, reflect on my work and tinker with some new ideas.’ Bradley Wood

‘A lot of credit should go to The Moth, always wonderfully idiosyncratic and beautifully designed, for launching the prize and responding to figurative painting, largely ignored by the contemporary art scene. We have nothing like it in the UK.’ David Piddock 

You can read more about past winners here.


The prize is judged by the publishers of The Moth, Rebecca O’Connor and Will Govan, alongside their colleague Helen Sharp. They are looking for two-dimensional portraiture, figurative or other representational work of any size – work that ‘takes courage’ and is in tune with the aesthetic of The Moth, contemporary but timeless. 

Work should be submitted for consideration in the form of good quality digital images suitable for print to mothartprize@themothmagazine.com.


To enter, please submit a portfolio of images of 5–10 2D artworks – to include figurative or representational paintings, drawings (including mixed media) and original prints – to mothartprize@themothmagazine.com.

The following details should be included: your name, telephone number, number of images included and method of payment. 

You can also submit your entry (along with an entry form) by post to: The Moth, Ardan Grange, Milltown, Belturbet, Co. Cavan, Ireland 

Images cannot be returned. Please read the rules before you submit your work. 

Entry fee is €20 per portfolio.

Payment should be made via PayPal to mothartprize@themothmagazine.com. Or you can send a cheque (euro/sterling/dollars) to ‘The Moth Magazine Ltd’ to the above address

The Prize will be judged anonymously by the publishers of The Moth.

Closing date 31 August 2020