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Issue 48 Spring 2022 
The Unloving Ground by Aniqah Choudhri
Westlessness by Jude Whiley                                 
premature ejaculation by Ryan Norman
Sharks and Jets by Ryan Coogan
Night Terrors by Michael Mark
Snow White as a Man by David Moolten
First Time by Jackie Martin
Witch Boy by Natalie Crick     
Hotel Petroleum by Mark Fiddes
Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response by Mark Lawlor                            
The air like soft twin pigeons too sportive to alight by Henry Woodland                                
The End of the Roses by Chris Emery
Post Restante by Diana Hendry 
Prayer for daemons to return by Louisa Campbell
Out of Chaos Came You: an interview with Joelle Taylor
Fatness by Stephanie Powell
One thought, one breath by Simon Maddrell
Tetlock by John Geddes
Small Moon Curve by Roz Goddard
The Elvers by Katherine Meehan
Silkworms by Tristram Fane Saunders  
The Woman Next Door by Jessica Dionne
A Kind of Inner Life: an interview with Jessie Greengrass
Chase Street by Heather Treseler
Jonny by Tomek Mossakowski
Typical symptoms of the menopause include by Melanie Branton

Featuring artwork by

Cover by Manuel Solano

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